Wednesday, May 18, 2011

THE WOODS by Harlan Coben

This is not a perfect mystery, because I did guess one piece of the puzzle. However, it's still an absorbing page-turner with a rekindled romance thrown in for good measure. Paul Copeland is now a county prosecutor in New Jersey, but in his youth he was a murder suspect. Four teenagers disappeared from a summer camp, but the bodies of only two were ever found. Paul's sister Camille was one of the missing two. Paul's life has been no picnic ever since. His mother disappeared after Camille went missing, Paul's wife died of cancer, and his father has also just passed away. His 6-year-old daughter and his fast-track career are the only bright spots. When the other missing person, Gil Perez, turns up under an alias in the morgue, the 20-year-old case resurfaces, although the alleged murderer is behind bars. Paul reconnects with Lucy, his former girlfriend who distracted him from his bed check duties that fateful night at camp. She's now a college professor with a drinking problem. And if this isn't enough to hold your attention, Paul is in the middle of a trial of a couple of frat boys accused of raping a stripper. Sound familiar?

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