Friday, May 20, 2011

A LITTLE YELLOW DOG by Walter Mosley

Easy (short for Ezekiel) Rawlins has friends in both high and low places. With these connections, he has a good job as a school custodian supervisor and can also round up someone to watch his back when he knows the situation will be dicey. Despite his connections, he is unacquainted with the nattily dressed man who turns up dead at the school. Then Easy discovers the body of the dead man's twin brother, and I was sure that it was all going to boil down to a case of mistaken identity. The dog in the title is Easy's nemesis and a pawn in all the shenanigans, placed in Easy's care by the dog's owner, who happens to be the wife of the second dead man. I had some difficulty keeping up with who was who and where they went and why, but this confusion didn't detract from the story all that much. Easy is an appealing character, and I loved the dialog, especially how Easy varies his dialect to fit the situation and the listeners. And his name is appropriate, because he's certainly "easy" with regard to his dalliances with women.

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