Monday, May 16, 2011

SAVING FAITH by David Baldacci

This thriller comes under the heading of mindless entertainment. It's implausible and predictable but tense, especially the opening. Our hero, Lee Adams, is a muscled, handsome private investigator who's been anonymously hired to follow Faith Lockhart, a beautiful Washington lobbyist. The plot didn't really make sense to me, but basically, some renegade CIA agents, led by Robert Thornhill, are trying to kill Faith, and Lee is getting in the way. It's a no-brainer that Lee and Faith will fall in love and ride off into the sunset, but the pages in-between are action-packed, as Lee gets to use his boxing skills against a karate expert, and Faith gets to take one for her boss/mentor, Danny Buchanan. The FBI are on the side of the good guys, although someone in that organization is leaking Faith's whereabouts to Thornhill. The identity of the mole is one of the few surprises in the book, as the author leads us down a couple of dead-end paths. Buchanan categorizes members of Congress as Believers, Townies, and Zombies. It would be useful to have this insider information about our own representatives when we go to the polls.

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