Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BODY OF LIES by Iris Johansen

I picked up Iris Johansen's Body of Lies by mistake. I thought that it was the basis for the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe. Anyway, it was not a bad read for a formulaic mystery. There's one character, Nathan, supposedly a reporter, who keeps hanging around, and it is a little too obvious that he is not who he claims to be. The two main characters are Eve Duncan and Joe Quinn, and this book is apparently one in a series about these two. Eve is a forensic sculptor, which means that she uses clay to re-create faces from human skulls for identification purposes. In this book, she takes on a job in order to get away from Joe, who has lied to her about the death of her daughter. We know, of course, that they're going to reconcile, but, in the meantime, Sean Galen, a capable ex-con with good instincts, has been assigned to protect her from unsavory characters who don't want Eve to complete her project. Galen enjoys taunting Quinn with innuendoes about Galen's relationship with Eve, and they all cheat death a few times. Mindless entertainment is therapeutic sometimes.

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