Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Ellen has the perfect life.  She's newly married to Andy—rich, handsome, smart and caring.  Andy also happens to be Ellen's best friend's brother.  Then Ellen runs into her sexy ex-lover Leo, and things begin to unravel, because perfection is, well, boring.  Will she succumb to temptation?  The ending is not a surprise, but Ellen's thought processes as she makes her choice makes it at least satisfying.  This isn't a light read.  In fact, humor is noticeably absent.  Nor does it offer any particular insight into how to grapple with this sort of decision, which is obviously a no-brainer.  The author seems to make the case that Ellen needs closure, in order to be happy with Andy and stop fretting about what might have been with Leo.  However, I would speculate that Leo is just one distraction in a marriage that may not be exactly rock solid.  Anyway, this is not the type of book that inspires a whole lot of rumination.  Just read it and weep.

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