Tuesday, December 25, 2012


This has got to be the worst John Grisham book ever.  It wasn't funny or cute or entertaining in any way.  You know the drill:  Nora and Luther Krank (!) have decided not to celebrate Christmas because their delightful daughter Blair will be in Peru with the Peace Corps.  They're going to spend the money on a Caribbean cruise instead, departing Christmas Day.  Their biggest faux pas in this endeavor, at least as far as their neighbors are concerned, is electing not to install their 8-foot Frosty on the roof to match all the other houses on their street.  They even refuse to make seasonal charitable donations, and their promises to donate even more for other causes the following year are scorned by the solicitors.  This is supposed to be satirical, I think, as Grisham cites more and more ways in which Christmas has become an expensive and time-consuming chore for many of us.  He fails, however, to really get our attention, not really taking a stand as he also points out the upside of family and fellowship during the holidays.  Was this book written for Hollywood?

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