Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This book was the perfect antidote after having been weighed down by some serious non-fiction. Jane Rosenal is a single thirty-something whose best asset is her wit, and the book is full of LOL quips. Although it seems to invite comparisons to Bridget Jones's Diary, this is not a diary, and it has a few sad events as well. In fact, there's a middle chapter that's narrated by a neighbor of Jane's aunt that seems to be not even tangentially tied to the rest of the book, and I didn't quite get that. Back to Jane. We witness her relationships with her family, her boss, and her various lovers, especially Archie, who's at least 20 years older, and who serves as sort of a mentor, teaching her to trust her instincts where work is concerned. Now if only she had trusted her instincts with regard to him! I thoroughly enjoyed the author's breezy style, which, in times of sadness, seemed a little inappropriate, but frankly, I'd prefer that to tear-inducing heavy-handedness. One unfortunate consequence, though, is that the story is not particularly memorable, except for the ending. Here Jane becomes more Bridget Jones-y, as she starts listening to the voices from a book that advises playing hard to get and resisting the urge to be funny. Unfortunately, Jane decides to apply this advice when she finally meets a guy who appreciates her for who she is, with near-disastrous results.

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